Producers Financial Group was established in 1988 with the mission of providing our insurance advisors and investment professionals with a “home” for all of their financial planning needs. We do this by combining the resources of multiple carriers into one central location so our clients are aware of available options and empowered to implement those solutions in their business.

Our company was furthered strengthened in 1999 when Producers Financial Group joined forces with Insurance Designers of America, and this partnership continues to provide our professionals top-level contracts with more than 40 top-rated insurance companies in addition to the latest technology and programs available in the field today. Most recently our growth has continued with the addition of our PFG West office in California. With offices located across the United States, we are positioned to meet the needs of our clients throughout the country.

Simply put, what we do is in our name. We use our connections to carriers to produce financial solutions you can use to meet the needs of your customers and earn top commissions. Contact us today to see how Producers Financial Group and our partners are dedicated to the success and growth of your business.